Newcastle's Best Street Food and Food Trucks

Street food and food trucks have become somewhat of a phenomenon in the UK over recent years. Gone are the days when people would only consider getting food from a van at the end of a beer-fuelled night on the Bigg Market.

These days, the quality of food being served from many mobile and non-traditional eateries is superb, and the variety of different cuisines on offer is vast.


Newcastle has plenty of excellent street food options and vendors selling all types of different things to eat out of places that wouldn't be considered as a traditional bricks and mortar restaurant.


On this page you will find excellent examples of food trucks and other street food options in Newcastle, such as places serving customers from stalls and other pop up venues.

Many of these types of businesses have regular spots that they can be found serving food from, although quite often they will also appear at one-off events and locations.


January's Featured Street Food

Some great places to eat in Newcastle that you should consider visiting this month

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Food Trucks and Street Food in the North East of England

From tasty tacos and Indian street food to gourmet burgers and Mediterranean fare, the street food in Newcastle has all of this covered and much more. 


All of the vendors listed on Newcastle Uncovered will have their regular location details listed in their profile, so if you see something that takes your fancy, you will know where is best to find them. 


Some of the businesses listed here are available for private hire, which is perfect for those of you who are looking for a food truck to supply your event with delicious food.

Newcastle Street Food Explorer

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We are constantly adding new businesses to the website (in this category and all others), so be sure to check back regularly to see what is new.

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