Summer Holiday Destination Ideas from Newcastle Airport

Dubai's 7 Star Hotel

Those of us living in North East of England are fortunate to have Newcastle Airport close by, with its ever increasing number of routes available to those looking for a holiday abroad. With each year that passes, more and more destinations all over the world become easier to reach, without the need to travel to airports outside of the region. Airlines are realising the potential in offering new routes to North East residents and also giving the international market easy access to the region.
So with lots of destinations to choose from, we have decided to take a good look at the holidays from Newcastle Airport that are on offer, to help our readers forget about the cold weather they are currently experiencing and to look forward to the summer ahead.


The popular Portuguese beach resort of Albufeira is a place that many of you may have already visited on a previous holiday, but it remains a great choice, even for those who have already been. Some of the best value deals around can be found in Albufeira, and with a flight time of just over three hours from Newcastle International Airport, it makes for a great choice for those looking to avoid a lengthy journey to their destination.


Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai
Dubai’s 7 star, Burj Al Arab Hotel

Emirates have been running direct flights from Newcastle to Dubai since September 2007, giving direct access to the UAE’s most cosmopolitan city as well as countless other destinations further afield via transfers at Dubai International Airport.
With year-round sunshine and a reputation for maintaining the highest standard of hotel accommodation in the world, Dubai continues to be an immensely popular choice for tourists no matter what month it is. If you’re looking for a holiday on tight budget, this may not be the best option, however there are some great deals available if you look hard enough.

Las Palmas

The Canary Islands have been a popular choice for UK holiday makers for decades, especially during the winter months when even the popular destinations closer to mainland Europe are a little too cool to be considered for a Christmas break in the sun.
Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria, is also considered as the ‘co-capital’ of the entire Canary Islands, alongside Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Whilst most tourists are drawn to Gran Canaria for the beaches and hot weather, Las Palmas does have plenty to offer for those times when you’d like a break from the sand and sea. The city itself has beautiful historic architecture and just outside you will discover a 200 metre deep cauldron known as Caldera de Bandama, or the ‘Cauldron of Bandama’. A visit to this geographical wonder should certainly be added to the itinerary if you’re visiting Las Palmas.


Last but not least on our short list of places to consider for your next holiday, departing from Newcastle airport, is Ialyssos on the Greek island or Rhodes. With a flight time of just over 6 hours, this destination is by no means the closest one that you will find when looking for a direct flight from Newcastle, but the beautiful island of Rhodes has plenty to offer to make the relatively long journey certainly worth it.

Acropolis of Rhodes
The Acropolis of Rhodes is located just a short distance away from Ialyssos

Ialyssos is the second largest town on the island and here you will find more than just a stunning beach. Ialyssos is home to some significant archeological sites, such as the remnants of Zeus and Athena’s temple, so you can enjoy some ancient history during your summer break.
So there you have it, a few places to consider when planning your next holiday.

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