Sunderland Fan's Disgusting Tweet about MH17 After The Derby

For all the good that many Sunderland fans did following the MH17 plane crash last year, there are still a few who seem to think it is fine to make jokes about the tragedy.
After it was revealed that two Newcastle fans were on-board the Malaysian Airlines flight, a Sunderland fan set up a fund-raising page and encouraged his fellow supporters to donate money to two charities, as a tribute to John Alder and Liam Sweeney.
A grand total of £33,618 was eventually raised, with many donations from Sunderland fans. It was a great gesture from them and made everyone realise that there are things far more important that football and local rivalries.
Following yesterday’s victory over Newcastle in the Wear-Tyne derby, thousands of Sunderland’s fans took to Facebook and Twitter to gloat, which is fair enough – their team had just secured their 1st win of the season after all. Despite the fact Newcastle dominated the game and were unfairly reduced to 10 men towards the end of the first half, a win is a win and Sunderland had done it again, so you can completely understand why their fans would be in high spirits and would want to gloat on social media.
But at least two Sunderland fans took it too far, making disgusting references to the MH17 plane crash in their ‘victory’ tweets…

SAFC Tweets

Both Tweets are now unable to be viewed on Twitter – the person who posted the first Tweet has now locked their account to hide posts from the public and the second person seems to have deleted their account altogether. But their disgusting messages were online long enough for screen shots to be taken.

Perhaps they realised the backlash they would receive, from both sets of fans, for posting such disrespectful rubbish.

Both of these Sunderland fans seem to believe that Adam Johnson’s ‘plane’ celebration was in reference to the MH17 tragedy, although the majority of people seem to believe otherwise.

These screen-shots were posted on a number of Facebook fan pages for both sets of supporters to see and comment on. As you can imagine, no one was impressed…



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