Sunderland's 'Internet Star' "Sings" Outrageous Song About Lee Clark

There was no chance of him ceasing to make a fool of himself, especially as the first derby of the season approaches.
Sunderland’s ‘internet star’ Westy – known to the rest of the UK as the embarrassing Mackem (we all know there’s more than one though) who keeps posting videos of himself singing songs about his disdain towards Newcastle United.
Well he has done it again. A quick reminder for those (lucky enough) to have not seen his previous ‘songs’…

  1. The ‘song’ that made headlines across the UK after SAFC appointed Sam Allardyce as manager
  2. His reply to UK-wide critisicm towards his pathetic video
  3. His ‘song’ about Geordies and steak bakes

Yep, there’s no doubt he is just attention seeking – but we wonder if he will be singing any more songs after Sunday when Mitrovic, Wijnaldum and the rest of NUFC are finished with his beloved team.

His most recent song is an attack at a former NUFC and SAFC player – Lee Clark. We can only imagine that it is a response to what the Wallsend born midfielder said recently.
He was quoted as saying that he could never have worn a Sunderland shirt against Newcastle.
Anyway, here is ‘Westy’ with his latest performance, which has once again been mocked from Newcastle fans, Sunderland fans and people from outside the North East.
It was posted on the ‘Mackems v Geordies‘ Facebook page – but caution, it contains swearing…
[fbvideo link=”″ width=”620″ height=”500″ onlyvideo=”1″]

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