The Most Dangerous Drinking Areas in England

Figures uncovered by Labour MP Liam Byrne have revealed the 50 most dangerous drinking areas in England – and it’s not good news for the North-East.
The list has been compiled using data related to the number of people who needed hospital treatment for alcohol-related conditions.
Blackpool tops the list and has therefore been crowned as the ‘dangerous drinking capital’ of the England.

Sunderland find themselves 3rd in the league for once, shame for them it's not the Premiership...
Sunderland find themselves 3rd in the league for once, shame for them it’s not the Premiership…

Gateshead, Middlesbrough and Sunderland all make it in the ‘top 6’, wish Sunderland being 3rd in the list behind Stoke-on-Trent.
Newcastle fairs a lot better, with a position of 22.

In the top 50 there are plenty of other North East areas including South Tyneside (10th), North Tyneside (13th), Hartlepool (24th), Redcar & Cleveland (32nd) and Country Durham (35th).
Check out the full list below…

1. Blackpool
2. Stoke-on-Trent
3. Sunderland
4. Norwich
5. Middlesbrough
6. Gateshead
7. Salford
8. Nottingham
9. Barrow-in-Furness
10. South Tyneside
11. Burnley
12. Newcastle-under-Lyme
13. North Tyneside
14. Chesterfield
15. Wakefield
16. Kingston upon Hull
17. Wigan
18. Manchester
19. Torbay
20. Wirral
21. Wolverhampton
22. Newcastle upon Tyne
23. Tameside
24. Hartlepool
25. St. Helens.
26. Halton
27. Coventry
28. Liverpool
29. Gloucester
30. Derby
31. Islington
32. Redcar and Cleveland
33. Knowsley
34. Blackburn with Darwen
35. County Durham
36. Bradford
37. Stockton-on-Tees
38. Dudley
39. Doncaster
40. Bristol
41. Lancaster
42. Oldham
43. Darlington
44. Ashfield
45. Corby
46. Rochdale
47. Hyndburn
48. Sandwell
49. Carlisle
50. Amber Valley
Credit: The Mirror

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