Two Local Lads aim to Run the Length of Hadrian's Wall (84 miles) in Under 24 Hours for Charity

On the 29th July, two local lads aim to run the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall, a staggering 84 miles, in less than 24 hours to raise money for HOPE – a charity which supports our local homeless community.
Please support them with any donations if you can – here is their fund-raising link:
If you would like to know more about this charity, and how many homeless people there are in Newcastle, here is some information from their page:

One homeless person on our streets is too many, so how do we start to help when we find out that realistically there are more like 90 homeless, just in the city of Newcastle? Not the 42 in the whole of the North East that the government report!

We start by setting up a charity that gets out there and helps; hands on, sleeves rolled up and helps.
HOPE was founded in April 2016 to do just that. Every week a small team of volunteers get together and set up tables in the city centre, laden with home cooked bolognese, stews, soups, pies, sandwiches, cakes and a plethora of goodies; along with hot and cold drinks, lunch packs to take away, clothes and books.

Each week HOPE sees between 70 and 100 people – probably 90% of whom are homeless and hungry. 2016 and all those people are sheltering on our streets, in doorways and in woodland – until the police come along and move them on. It’s shocking and it’s wrong.
HOPE is a non-profit making charity currently run solely on donations and the generosity of its supporters. They need funds to help them register with the Charity Commission, to allow them to request assistance with premises, surplus food requests and grants available to help this growing number of homeless, that apparently ‘don’t exist’.

Take a walk through Newcastle on a Saturday night, between 7pm and midnight – go to the Monument and you can see for yourself how real they are. See how traumatic their lives have become and how incredibly grateful they are for the humility and friendship that HOPE have to offer.

We wish Sam and Andrew all the best in their challenge  Рwhat a great effort from them to help others.

Again, if you’d like to donate, here is the link:


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