What the world thinks of Geordie Shore

Love it or hate it, Geordie Shore has proven to be a huge success for MTV. Series 10 has already been filmed with series 9 currently being aired every Tuesday night. That’s a lot of episodes for a show that is only 3.5 years old (the first ever show was broadcasted on 24th 2011). The demand is clearly still there, even though it has been suggested that the appeal of the show would soon disappear (which would explain the strategy of releasing a new series as soon as seemingly possible).

Geordie Shore season 9 cast
Geordie Shore season 9 cast

Despite its popularity, the show continues to be a hot topic of debate and a divider of opinion. Many are outraged by the antics of the cast members, suggesting the show gives Newcastle a terrible reputation. Others argue that it is purely entertainment and it causes no harm.
Whatever your opinion, it must be noted that Geordie Shore is not just popular in the UK. The show achieves fantastic viewing figures in many other countries (Australia and the USA to name just two).  In fact, cast member James Tindale (who recently announced he will be leaving the show along with Vicky) claims the show is even bigger down under than it is here in the UK:

“You wouldn’t think going to the other end of the world so many people would recognise you and love the show.

“But I would even say it’s bigger over there than anywhere else.”

James speaking to MTV

News of Geordie Shore’s international popularity will surely not please the critics who believe the show has tarnished the reputation of Newcastle and will attract people to the region for all the wrong reasons.



Other cities have made it clear that they don’t want the show bringing them any unwanted attention…

But all these viewing figures don’t come from nowhere. Geordie Shore attracts hundreds of thousands of people each week…

What do you think of Geordie Shore? Harmless fun or harmful to Newcastle?

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