Wrap Up Warm Fashion Bonanza

Northumbria University students Marie Hoggart and Tina Leonie Schepers are working closely to spread the word about the work of the charity Making Winter Warmer, as well as the worrying numbers of homeless people.
Making Winter Warmer work hard every day to help the homeless in the North-East region. While every day the knowledge about what the charity does grows and grows, they want to continue to spread the word to as many people as possible. The more hands on board helping such an important cause will really benefit those in need.
So to help, they would like to introducing you to the Wrap Up Warm Fashion Bonanza!
No ordinary fashion show, but a fashion show that will make a difference to those that have little. By coming along and showing your support you will learn about the cause, the charity and most of all what you can do to help! Not forgetting a fun filled night. 
With massive support from World Head Quarters they are super excited for an event that will make such a difference.
Wrist bands will be given as tickets, giving access to the upstairs of the club once the Fashion show finishes, allowing you to carry on the amazing night you are guaranteed to have. The event will give you an insight into how homelessness is something that really needs addressing, and how you can help! The event consists of second hand clothes and works purely around the idea of re-use. The clothes that perhaps you may have chucked away Making Winter Warmer can definitely find a new home for!Come along and dig deep as many perfectly conditioned items will be auctioned!
The event will also include a performance from comedian Lauren Pattinson as well as the lead singer from Thieving Herer.Head down to World Head Quarters on February 27th 2015 at 7pm- 11pm.Check out the Facebook event here: www.facebook.com/events/745685728858915


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