Thousands see zorse at Beamish

What do you get if you cross a zebra with a horse? Sounds like the start of a rubbish joke but actually the answer is a ‘zorse‘ and visitors to Beamish Museum were lucky enough to see this rare animal during a Georgian Country Fair yesterday.

Zulu, who is owned by Rebecca Townsend, came from the USA to England in 2012 and is the only zorse in Europe.
The four-day fair, which replicates life as it was back in the Georgian era, concludes on Sunday – so there is still plenty of time to see Zulu and enjoy the rest of the event.

Zulu the zorse is part of “Miss Rebecca’s Extraordinary Educated Equines!” which also features performing miniature ponies as well as a highland pony – but there is no doubt who is the star of the show.
Zulu the zorse with owner Rebecca
Zulu the zorse with owner Rebecca

Over 3,000 attended the first day of the fair; and those who saw Zulu were amazed at seeing their first ever zorse.
Details of the event can be found here on the Beamish Museum website:

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