Building of the Tyne Bridge 1928

17 February 2022Newcastle Uncovered

It’s Newcastle’s most famous landmark. A structure that is admired throughout the world and has even been copied, although some people dispute that the Sydney Harbour Bridge was based on our beloved Tyne Bridge.

The Tyne Bridge

We have shared some fascinating old pictures of the Tyne Bridge on our Facebook page in the past, including images of the construction worker’s in precarious positions as they built it.

Tyne Bridge under construction
Credit: Newcastle Libraries

These brave men had a very dangerous task in building the Tyne Bridge without modern day health and safety considerations.

Tyne Bridge construction workers
Credit: Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

It’s easy to forget about the construction process of this fine bridge when you see it day in day out – but it really is an impressive feat of engineering.

Tyne Bridge being built
Credit: Newcastle Libraries

Check out the video below for some footage of the Tyne Bridge being constructed way back in 1928.

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