Cafes, Coffee Shops and Tea Rooms in Newcastle

There is an abundance of quality cafes, coffee shops and tea rooms in the heart of Newcastle as well as the areas surrounding the city.


UK Coffee consumption, in particular, has boomed over recent years and the number of coffee shops throughout the country has increased dramatically to keep up with demand. Whereas once the British were seen as a nation of avid tea drinkers, it's estimated that now, more than 95million cups of coffee are enjoyed by Brits each and everyday. It's safe to say that 'cafe culture' in the UK has developed rapidly and is here to stay, and in Newcastle, we have some of the best cafes in the country.


On this page you will find cafes, coffee shops and tea rooms within Newcastle and elsewhere nearby in the North East. Check out some of the featured venues below or select a specific area to see what is available there.


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Which Area Are You Interested In?

Newcastle City Centre Cafes

The city of Newcastle is a fantastic place for those who love great coffee and tea.


Whether you are a dedicated fan of one of the many huge cafe chains which operate in various locations throughout the city or you prefer to frequent independent venues, you are spoilt for choice in the centre of Newcastle.

Newcastle cafes

Newcastle Quayside Cafes

Newcastle's Quayside is a great place to visit if you're looking to enjoy a coffee, tea or perhaps a snack whilst also appreciating the scenic views on offer along the River Tyne.


The vibrant Quayside area and the streets close to the riverside is where you will find the venues listed below.


Jesmond Cafes

There are numerous cafes in Jesmond which are ideal places to catch up with some friends or spend a bit of time doing a bit of work on your laptop whilst enjoying quality coffee/tea and a bite to eat.


Between West Jesmond and Jesmond Metro stations is where the majority of cafes are to be found, but you will also come across some excellent options in places such as the area close to Jesmond Dene and up towards Ilford Road.


Gosforth Cafes

The Gosforth High Street is a fantastic place when it comes to cafes, with at least a dozen or so noteworthy venues located on the main street itself or just back slightly on one of the side streets.


Elsewhere in the area you will find some quality cafes in places such as South Gosforth and further down the Great North Road around Regent Centre Metro Station and beyond. 

Gosforth cafes

Heaton Cafes

Heaton Road and Chillingham Road are probably the obvious choices to visit if you're looking to find a quality cafe in Heaton, with these two streets being the main roads within the area.


There are several cafes worth visiting in Heaton, many of which are known for their delicious food menus as well as great coffee.

Heaton cafes

Ouseburn/Byker Cafes

In Byker and nearby Ouseburn, you will find several quality cafes.


Ouseburn is also home to Newcastle's first independent coffee roastery.

Ouseburn cafes

Gateshead Cafes

The town centre of Gateshead and the area immediately surrounding it has a number of noteworthy cafes and coffee shops, including several of the popular nationwide outlets as well as unique, independent vendors.


Elsewhere in Gateshead, in places such as Whickham, Low Fell, Team Valley and Blaydon you will also find plenty of places to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and catch up with a friend or two.

Gateshead cafes

Cafes in Other North East Areas

Head further afield from the centres of Newcastle and Gateshead and you sure to find great examples of cafes in nearly every town and village in the region.


From the coastal cafes of Whitley Bay and Tynemouth, to places to enjoy a cuppa in Northumberland, in beautiful villages such as Corbridge and the historical market towns of Morpeth and Hexham, the North East is full of places outside the city centre with cafes worthy of a visit.


Newcastle Cafe Explorer

Above are just a selection of the cafes, coffee shops and tea rooms in Newcastle and the rest of the North East.

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