Newcastle cafes

Newcastle is a haven for coffee lovers and cafe enthusiasts. Known for its vibrant cafe scene, the city and surrounding areas offer a diverse array of cafes that cater to all tastes.

From artisan coffee shops roasting their own beans to quaint tea houses serving a variety of blends, Newcastle boasts a multitude of options. Whether you’re seeking a cosy spot for a relaxed brunch, a tranquil tea room for an afternoon break, or a bustling cafe to enjoy locally sourced produce, Newcastle has it all.

This page is your guide to exploring the cafes of Newcastle, showcasing the many excellent options in and around the city.

Featured cafes

Looking for a quick place to consider? Discover our featured cafes below.

The featured venues above showcase the diversity and quality of Newcastle’s cafe scene. The selection is updated periodically, allowing different cafes to be highlighted and providing you with a fresh perspective.

More cafes and coffee shops in and around Newcastle

There are plenty more great cafes, coffee shops and tea rooms in Newcastle city centre and the surrounding area. Below you’ll find an assortment of additional spots. From quaint hidden gems to bustling high-street spots, the region’s cafe culture is rich and varied.