Newcastle restaurants

Newcastle is a treasure trove for food enthusiasts. Home to a hundreds of quality restaurants, each with their own distinctive flair, the dining scene here is as varied as it is vibrant. Diving into Newcastle’s culinary landscape, you’ll encounter a tantalising mix of traditional and contemporary. From rustic British fare and hearty pub grub, to aromatic Asian flavours and the zest of Mediterranean cuisine, there’s a spectrum of experiences to enjoy.

This page is your guide to navigating through Newcastle’s extensive dining scene. It serves as your go-to resource for discovering the many restaurants that this city has to offer. In the following sections, you’ll find our top recommendations, and you’ll also have the opportunity to explore various types of restaurants, sorted by cuisine.

So, whether you’re a fan of fiery curries, craving authentic Neapolitan pizza, or looking to sample locally-sourced seafood, you’re in the right place.

Dive in, and discover the best of Newcastle’s restaurants.

Featured restaurants

Don’t have time to browse through all the options? Explore our featured restaurants below for some unique dining experiences in Newcastle.

The featured restaurants section above is a chance for us to highlight some of the diverse and exciting dining spots Newcastle has to offer. The lineup changes periodically, offering different restaurants the chance to shine and providing you with an ever-changing snapshot of the city’s vibrant culinary landscape.

Restaurant types

Newcastle’s food scene spans a world of flavours, offering everything from hearty local fare to popular global cuisines. Find your favourite cuisine or try something new from our assorted list of restaurant types below.

British restaurants

Experience the hearty and diverse flavours of British cuisine in Newcastle. Our city is home to a host of restaurants serving quintessential British fare.

Indian restaurants

Savour the diverse flavours of India right here in Newcastle. Our city’s Indian restaurants offer an exciting blend of fragrant curries, tandoor-grilled meats, and fluffy naans that transport you to the heart of the subcontinent.

Italian restaurants

Indulge in the rich, comforting flavours of Italian cuisine right here in Newcastle. Our city’s Italian restaurants offer an array of delectable dishes, from fresh, handmade pasta and wood-fired pizza, to creamy risotto and delectable tiramisu.

Thai restaurants

Discover the vibrant and aromatic flavours of Thai cuisine. Newcastle’s Thai restaurants are known for their delicious offerings, from spicy green curry and pad Thai to tangy tom yum soup and mango sticky rice.


Sink your teeth into some of the most succulent steaks in Newcastle. The city is home to a variety of steakhouses that are sure to satisfy any carnivorous cravings.

More restaurants in Newcastle and nearby

Newcastle has plenty more to offer when it comes to dining out. Below is a tasty assortment of additional restaurants, each delivering something special. From quiet hidden gems to buzzing hotspots, there’s a wealth of great places to eat in the city.