Newcastle pubs

Newcastle’s pub scene is truly something to raise a glass to. With a wealth of traditional pubs and modern gastropubs, the city offers a perfect blend of the old and the new. Whether you’re in the mood for a quiet spot to enjoy pint of local ale, or a bustling venue serving up innovative craft beers, the city has got you covered.

This page is designed to be your guide to the many pubs in and around Newcastle. It’s an invitation to delve into an assortment of venues where warm hospitality, fantastic beverages, and often delicious food, are on the cards.

Featured pubs

Strapped for time and can’t decide where to enjoy your next pint? Have a look at our featured pubs below for some inspiration.

The featured pubs section above allows us to showcase the rich and diverse pub scene in Newcastle. The selection is not fixed and rotates periodically, giving different pubs their moment in the spotlight.

More pubs in and around Newcastle

Newcastle’s highly regarded pub scene certainly doesn’t stop here. Below, you’ll find a mix of additional pubs located in the city centre as well as the surrounding areas. From traditional local alehouses to bustling gastropubs, there’s an abundance of great places to relax and enjoy a pint in the region.