Newcastle nightclubs

Newcastle is renowned for its thriving nightlife, offering an exciting mix of nightclubs for partygoers. From high-energy dance floors at venues with world famous DJs to sophisticated clubs offering a more intimate ambiance, there is something to cater for every party style.

This page aims to be your guide to Newcastle’s iconic and eclectic clubbing scene. Whatever your preferred type of club, the many options in the city promise a memorable evening out.

Scroll on and explore some of Newcastle’s best nightclubs – your next unforgettable night out starts here.

Featured nightclubs

Looking for some quick-fire suggestions? Take a look at these featured nightclubs below to see what they have to offer.

The featured nightclubs section above shines a spotlight on some of Newcastle’s most exciting late-night venues. The lineup changes from time to time, giving different clubs the opportunity to take centre stage.

More nightclubs in Newcastle

There are plenty more options to consider when it comes to clubbing in Newcastle. Below, you’ll find an assortment of additional nightclubs, each offering its own unique vibe. From edgy underground venues to glitzy, VIP-focused clubs, there’s a wide range of nightlife spots waiting to be discovered in the city.