Albufeira Cafe


Discover an authentic taste of Portugal right in the heart of Newcastle with a visit to Albufeira Cafe. Opening its doors in August 2020, it has quickly become a cherished spot for both locals and visitors alike. Named after the popular holiday destination on the Portuguese Algarve coast, this charming eatery is the brainchild of Lisbon native Dadinha Carvalho, who brings her love of Portuguese culture and flavours to the bustling streets of Newcastle.

Located on Westgate Road, Albufeira Cafe boasts a light, bright, and airy decor. Large windows provide ample natural light, while the walls adorned with images of famous Portuguese landmarks further enhance the ambience.

The Albufeira Cafe experience is made all the more memorable by the fantastic menu, which is brimming with plenty of tantalising Portuguese delicacies. Popular favourites include their signature dish, the bifana – a much-loved Portuguese sandwich filled with slices of tender pork marinated in garlic, herbs, spices, and white wine. With each bite, you’ll discover why this comfort food is a staple of Portuguese cuisine.

However, the delights don’t end with the bifana; the menu frequently showcases an array of traditional dishes that capture the essence of Portugal’s rich culinary heritage. Previous highlights have featured pastel de bacalhau, mouthwatering salted cod fish fritters with potato, garlic, onion, and egg, as well as rissois, crispy fried rissoles filled with chicken or tuna. For a more rustic touch, guests have enjoyed the pao com chorizo, a scrumptious sourdough bread filled with savoury chorizo.

And for those with a sweet tooth, Albufeira Cafe has you covered. Indulge in their delectable pastel de nata, a creamy custard tart that has quickly become a sought-after treat among Newcastle’s dessert enthusiasts. The cafe also caters to the health-conscious with dishes such as quinoa salad and vegetarian breakfast options.

To accompany your meal, Albufeira Cafe offers an impressive drinks menu featuring Sumol, a fruity fizzy Portuguese beverage, with pineapple being a popular choice among patrons. Other refreshing options include milkshakes, iced teas, and an array of coffee drinks made with freshly ground Portuguese coffee beans, providing that perfect pick-me-up for your day.

Albufeira Cafe’s commitment to quality, authenticity, and friendly service has garnered rave reviews. Guests have praised the attentive staff, who go above and beyond to make each visit a delightful and memorable experience. There is no doubt that the cafe is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a genuine taste of Portugal in Newcastle.

So, whether you’re looking to escape the ordinary with a leisurely brunch, a satisfying lunch, or simply to savour an exquisite pastel de nata with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, Albufeira Cafe is the ideal destination to experience the vibrant flavours and captivating ambience of Portugal right here in the North East.