All Seeing Eye


A step above the bustling streets of Newcastle’s famous Bigg Market, All Seeing Eye harbours an enigmatic allure that few can resist. Its clandestine entrance, tucked discreetly above Swarley’s pub on the Groat Market, transports patrons into a world of art deco glamour and mixology mastery. For those in the know, this secret haven is the perfect escape from the ordinary.

The All Seeing Eye’s shimmering central bar catches the eye, surrounded by gold accents and cozy booths. It’s easy to get lost in the ambient glow, while the venue’s name in lights proudly adorns the wall. As the statue of Jesus watches over the establishment, patrons can indulge in a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere where good times abound.

A cocktail connoisseur’s paradise, the All Seeing Eye boasts an extensive and innovative drinks menu that’s sure to captivate even the most discerning of palates. It’s not just about the taste, though; the experience of watching the skilled bartenders concoct your drink is a show in itself. For those eager to learn the tricks of the trade, the venue offers cocktail masterclasses that promise to elevate your mixology skills to new heights.

While the All Seeing Eye might be the perfect hideaway for couples seeking a quiet, intimate night out, it’s also a versatile space for private functions. The venue’s flexibility has led to many unforgettable celebrations, from stag and hen parties to casual gatherings among friends.

Past visitors recount their surprise at discovering this stylish, small bar hidden away in an alley, accessible via a staircase that hints at a gothic aesthetic. But once inside, they are greeted by a refined ambiance, soothing lounge music that doesn’t overpower conversations, and comfortable seating areas.

At All Seeing Eye, every cocktail is a work of art. Guests have praised the attentive bar staff for their exceptional creations, each crafted to perfection and bursting with flavour. In this intimate setting, it’s easy to lose track of time as you sample one remarkable concoction after another.

So, when the allure of Newcastle’s hidden gems beckons, venture beyond the beaten path and ascend the stairs to All Seeing Eye. With a myriad of delightful surprises waiting just out of sight, there’s no telling what unforgettable experiences lie in store at this exceptional bar.