Bealim House


Stepping into Bealim House, you’re immediately struck by the distinct character and charm that sets this venue apart in the heart of Newcastle. Not only is this establishment the city’s first authentic gin distillery, bar, and eatery, but it also houses The Newcastle Gin Company, flaunting the only working in-house gin still in the area.

The moment you walk through the doors, the building’s past life as a print works comes alive through its carefully curated interior design. Industrial heritage is showcased through wooden flooring, antique leather seating, vintage tiles, and varnished brick walls, creating an atmosphere that pays homage to the history of the space.

On the ground floor, you’ll find the main bar, where skilled bartenders are eager to mix you an unforgettable gin-based concoction. Head upstairs to the first-floor open-plan kitchen, and you’ll discover delectable Indian street food served by Thali Tray.

Visitors to Bealim House have also been known to rave about their gin masterclasses, celebrating the art of creating and enjoying gin-based cocktails. Led by knowledgeable staff who effortlessly weave history, distilling techniques, and passion into each session, guests often leave feeling enlightened and inspired. Cocktail-making masterclasses also steal the show, with expert mixologists guiding participants through the process of crafting their own delicious concoctions from the menu.

A visit to Bealim House is more than just a night out; it’s an experience steeped in history and brimming with enthusiasm for quality spirits and great food. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a unique spot to unwind, this gin haven in Newcastle is well worth your time.

As you sip on their signature gin and tonic or savour the taste of rhubarb and ginger gin, it’s hard not to appreciate the dedication and craftsmanship that have gone into making Bealim House what it is today – a ‘gin-credible’ destination that keeps patrons coming back for more.