In the bustling heart of Newcastle, adjacent to Central Station, you’ll find Jalou – a premium bar founded in 2011 with an unyielding commitment to showcasing excellent drinks and music.

Walking into Jalou feels as though you’ve stepped into a living painting. Here, the opulence of Paris in the 19th century mingles with the raw charm of Newcastle’s architectural heritage. Picture detailed period features, Parisian furnishings that ooze style, eye-catching wall art, and bare brick walls. It’s a fusion that’s reminiscent of 1920s speakeasies. It’s edgy, yet comfortable; grandiose, but not overstated.

Jalou is far more than just another pretty face, though. It is where the art of cocktail creation meets playful experimentation. Their talented team believes that drinks should be more than mere refreshments – they should be events. They don’t merely make cocktails; they build experiences, creating magic with dry ice, sweets, foams, and even colour-changing compounds.

Amongst past standout concoctions are the ‘Bueno Surprise,’ a velvety blend of Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Frangelico, chocolate hazelnut sauce, and cream. Or the ‘Bee-yonce,’ a honey-infused drink that gets its unique edge from activated charcoal. But it’s not all showmanship. Jalou prides itself on revamping classic cocktails, using unexpected ingredients to tease the palate.

However, the Jalou experience isn’t just about what’s in your glass. It’s the soundtrack to your evening. Their resident DJs are notorious for their craft, spinning a masterful mix of old-school and contemporary Hip Hop, R&B, garage, and urban dance hall tunes. It’s music you can lose yourself in, music that turns an evening into an unforgettable night.

As daylight fades, Jalou transforms. It retains its Parisian charm, but with an added buzz that charges the atmosphere. At Jalou, the night begins at 7 pm, when it becomes the go-to place for drinks and revelry. And for those on the lookout for a bargain, make sure to mark your calendars for half-price Thursdays.

When it comes to service, Jalou sets the bar high. The staff are lauded for their attentiveness and warmth. Regulars rave about the occasional 2-for-1 offers, and if the weather permits, the chance to bask in the sun while sipping their innovative concoctions.

So, next time you’re contemplating where to spend your evening in Newcastle, give Jalou a thought. It’s a spot that effortlessly marries style with substance, creating an atmosphere that’s vibrant and unique. Whether you’re starting your night or looking for that ideal place to dance the night away, Jalou might just be the perfect destination.