Newcastle Arms


The Newcastle Arms stands on St Andrews Street, just a stone’s throw away from St James’ Park. It’s a no-nonsense kind of pub, one that favours a pint of good local ale and hearty conversation over swanky pretensions.

A glance at its exterior tells you it’s a traditional pub, the kind of brick and mortar that has seen years roll by, hosting patrons through the changing seasons. And inside, the solid wood bar, seating options aplenty, and a rich collection of Newcastle United F.C. memorabilia, paints a picture of an establishment that knows and loves its football roots.

The Newcastle Arms takes its drinks seriously, specialising in local cask ales. It’s easy to lose track of time exploring their selection of beers, curated with an eye for quality and regional flavour. And when you’re in the mood for something different, the cocktail menu steps up, promising variety and value.

Good times aren’t just confined to the cosy indoors. They’ve thoughtfully added a front garden for the sunny days, making it a solid option for summer pints. The vibe varies with the day of the week – the jukebox sets the mood for livelier evenings, while quiet afternoons draw in those seeking a calmer atmosphere.

One of the highlights of the place is the friendly staff, the kind who remember faces and orders.

Whether it’s your first visit or one of many, The Newcastle Arms, with its warm feel and unpretentious character, stands as a testament to what a proper pub in Newcastle should be. Located near Chinatown and just a few minutes’ walk from St James’ Park, it’s the perfect place to experience a traditional pub in the city centre.