Under the iconic Tyne Bridge on the Gateshead side of the River Tyne, you’ll find By the River Brew Co., an independent container community that’s home to a true gem: Träkol. This riverside restaurant has garnered a reputation for high-quality, locally sourced food, with a relaxed atmosphere that complements its rustic shipping container setting.

Träkol is all about seasonal food and nose-to-tail cooking, with a live fire kitchen that combines the allure of outdoor cooking with the sophistication of indoor dining. This unique dining experience has even earned the restaurant a place in the coveted Michelin Guide 2020 and dozens of excellent reviews from highly regarded food critics.

Don’t be fooled by Träkol’s shipping container exterior—inside, the ambience is warm and welcoming, offering a cozy space to gather with friends and family. The kitchen, visible behind a glass wall, is dominated by a massive charcoal grill that churns out “outrageously good” food. Träkol is part of the By the River Brew Company, an initiative by Dave Stone and Rob Cameron of Wylam, a 30-barrel microbrewery located in Newcastle’s Exhibition Park.

When it comes to food, Träkol doesn’t shy away from bold flavours and unique dishes. Previous favorites have included grilled pork jowl with XO slaw, salt-baked tomatoes with pink lamb heart, and surf clams with fermented black beans and red chilli. Even the oysters are treated to exciting accompaniments, like a bright Nam Jim dressing or baked Montgomery’s cheddar.

Feasting is encouraged at Träkol, with options like a massive Middle White Pig chop and a whole grilled turbot. The restaurant also offers more delicate dishes like cauliflower steak with shawarma spices and a Barnsley chop with cockles, seaweed butter, and samphire. All this is accompanied by a diverse selection of ales, ciders, wines, and cocktails, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

On Sundays, Träkol serves up a traditional Sunday lunch with a focus on quality over quantity. Choose from beef, lamb, old spot pork, or mushroom hash, all served with roast potatoes, buttered cabbage, root vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, and gravy. You can also order extra sides like cauliflower cheese or roasted veg to truly satisfy your appetite.

If you’ve somehow managed to save room for dessert, you can indulge in treats such as a strawberry shortcake sundae, apple and cherry crumble with custard, or cheese with chutney, and crackers.

Without a doubt, Träkol is a must-visit for those who appreciate a top-notch dining experience with a laid-back atmosphere.