Remembering the Metroland rollercoaster

30 March 2022Newcastle Uncovered

Metroland was a feature of the MetroCentre for over 20 years – opening in February 1988 and closing for the final time in April 2008.

Originally costing in excess of £20m, Metroland was refurbished in 1996 and renamed ‘New Metroland’.

We have posted several old photos of Metroland on the Newcastle Uncovered Facebook page and the general consensus is that people miss it and have fond memories of times spent there. Many people wish that they had the opportunity to take their own children to the indoor theme-park that they enjoyed when they were kids themselves.

The footage below is sure to bring back memories of Metroland and the rollercoaster in particular. Uploaded to YouTube, the video shows a mixture of footage of the rollercoaster including a first person view of what it was like to be a passenger on one of Metroland’s most popular rides.


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