Flares is a place where the party pulses from evening until early morning. It’s a sizeable venue, inviting one and all to shake off the day’s stress and revel in a concoction of music, neon lights, and camaraderie.

Flares embraces an unabashedly retro aesthetic. Stepping inside is like striding into the heart of the 70s and 80s; the decor hums with neon, nostalgia is threaded through the air, and disco balls glimmer as they cast shards of light around the room. But it’s not a tribute act to a bygone era. Rather, Flares uses these elements to create a distinctive ambiance, one that blends the joy of the past with the energy of the present.

The soundtrack to this visual spectacle is a vibrant blend of anthems and classics that have outlived their chart days. These songs, survivors of their respective decades, continue to fill dance floors and bring smiles to faces. There’s an authenticity to this musical homage that resonates with visitors, compelling them to move, sing along, and simply let go.

Fuelling this atmosphere are a selection of beverages, tailored to quench thirst and complement the night. Flares serves up an array of drinks at wallet-friendly prices, ensuring the focus stays on the enjoyment, not the expense.

Flares’ doors are open for your enjoyment late into the night. The fun begins at 9:00pm, stretching till 2:00am, Monday through Thursday, and Sunday. Friday sees the starting bell toll at 8:00pm while Saturday celebrations commence a tad earlier at 7:30pm.

What brings this all together, according to regular patrons, is the remarkable service. Flares is praised for the dedication of its staff, striving to elevate the experience beyond the ordinary, and creating an environment where every visitor feels valued. This commitment to service has seen guests planning their next visit even before they leave.

While new visitors might come to Flares, lured by the promise of a good time, they often leave feeling more; an affection for the place and a longing to return. The combination of the venue’s energetic atmosphere, 70s & 80s vibes, and exceptional service seems to have a magnetic pull.

So if you’re seeking a lively evening with a nostalgic soundtrack, a trip to Flares is definitely worth considering.