Holy Hobo


Amidst the vibrant energy of Jesmond, the Holy Hobo stands as a sanctuary of good vibes and laid-back charm, catering to foodies and drink enthusiasts alike. A veritable haven where warmth and comfort are paramount.

The culinary prowess at Holy Hobo is no joke; they’ve perfected their food menu with the dedication of a seasoned wanderer. Locally sourced ingredients are the foundation of their scrumptious offerings, each dish embodying the essence of what makes Holy Hobo special. That’s what you can expect from their ever-evolving food menu, with past popular favorites that have left even the most seasoned Hobos in awe.

Holy Hobo’s cocktail game is also top class. Imagine sipping on a concoction reminiscent of a Toblerone melting in a whiskey glass or a martini that ignites your senses with the delightful fusion of chocolate and raspberry bakewell. These masterful creations will leave you pondering the boundaries of mixology while elevating your spirit to new heights.

A visit to Holy Hobo wouldn’t be complete without basking in the lively atmosphere that surrounds the bar. Here, music knows no bounds, with genres spanning from hip-hop and house to rock and pop. And for those who want to unleash their inner crooner or diva, the Karaoke Kave beckons. Open seven days a week, this free-to-use sanctuary of song features professional-grade microphones and ample space for groups to belt out their favourite tunes.

The Holy Hobo’s love for dogs is yet another testament to their welcoming nature. Canine companions of all sizes are welcome here, and well-behaved furry friends are even treated to their own menu. Just ask the friendly staff about the doggo offerings and watch your four-legged buddy revel in the attention.

Embracing student life, Holy Hobo offers special deals for those with valid student cards, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of the promotions. Whether you’re craving a high-quality coffee, a delectable meal, or a night of dancing till dawn, this hotspot has got you covered.

Open from 12pm to 2am the Holy Hobo is ready to welcome you into its fold. With positive reviews singing praises of the attentive staff, mouthwatering bottomless brunch, and delightful atmosphere, there’s no denying that the Holy Hobo is a must-visit venue.

This is more than just a bar; it’s a place that embraces the art of living life to the fullest. No matter your style or taste, this vibrant Jesmond gem is waiting to welcome you and help you find a new belief.