Red Mezze transports you from Newcastle’s grey skies to the sun-soaked Mediterranean coast. This Turkish and Mediterranean haven, just a stone’s throw away from Newcastle University and St James’ Park, boasts not only a warm and welcoming atmosphere but also an irresistible culinary experience.

Step into a world of vibrant red décor, Turkish memorabilia, and an inviting ambience that can accommodate up to 75 diners. And if you’re planning an intimate gathering, the cosy function room holds up to 20 guests, making it the perfect spot for your next soirée.

At Red Mezze, you’ll find the charcoal grill always roaring, ready to serve up mouth-watering meat skewers and their signature mixed grill. But don’t be fooled; this place is far from a one-trick pony. The menu offers an extensive variety, including hot and cold mezze plates and an array of fish and vegetarian options to satisfy every palate. With great-value deals available for lunch and early evening, Red Mezze is a culinary adventure that won’t break the bank.

The owner, Murat, has fond memories of long, sun-drenched family meals that turned into lively parties as the day turned to night. His vision is to recreate that same spirit and camaraderie within the walls of Red Mezze. This is the only Turkish restaurant in Newcastle city centre, and it proudly showcases a diverse menu of traditional and regional dishes from all corners of Turkey, all prepared with fresh ingredients.

For those new to Turkish cuisine, a hot or cold mezze is the perfect introduction. Shared among friends, family, and loved ones, these small plates offer a delicious array of flavours and textures.

Nestling in the elegant Georgian splendour of Leazes Square, Red Mezze effortlessly blends fine dining with the genuine warmth of a family gathering. The heart of every meal here is the coming together of friends and family over shared food and lively conversation.