The Five Swans


Located at 14 St Marys Place, right across from the Newcastle Civic Centre, you’ll find The Five Swans. This pub, a part of the Wetherspoon’s chain, embraces its heritage while offering modern amenities, reflecting Newcastle’s storied history and vibrant present.

The name, The Five Swans, holds significance, drawing from the bronze sculpture in the Civic Centre’s Quadrangle by David Wynne, representing five wild swans. Each swan symbolises one of the Scandinavian countries – Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Iceland – honouring Newcastle’s historic ties with these nations.

Inside, the pub’s layout is spacious and varied, featuring multiple rooms. The walls sport prints and photographs showcasing glimpses of old Newcastle, contributing to a comfortable, homely atmosphere. With added seating areas on the first floor, you can find a spot that suits your mood – whether you’re catching up with friends or winding down after a busy day.

The pub boasts a front outdoor seating area for sunnier days as well as a courtyard. Catering to a wide audience, The Five Swans has provisions for children until 9pm, and there’s free Wi-Fi for patrons who want to stay connected.

When it comes to food and drink, this pub doesn’t disappoint. Serving food all day, the pub offers a variety of dishes. From traditional fish and chips to a hearty chicken tikka masala, the fare is substantial and value-for-money. Although the menu may change from time to time, one thing remains constant: Wetherspoon’s commitment to decent food at reasonable prices.

Equally commendable is the drinks range, featuring guest beers from local and far-off brewers. If you’re an ale enthusiast, you might fancy a pint of Sharps Brewery’s “Doom Bar”, a well-respected choice in the real ale community.

Despite its size, the pub has maintained a friendly, relaxed ambience, thanks to its welcoming and efficient staff. Even during busy times, the service remains consistent. Conveniently situated near the city centre’s shopping districts and easily accessible by Metro and buses, The Five Swans is a practical stop for both locals and visitors to the area.

So, whether you’re taking a shopping break or catching up with old mates, The Five Swans offers a reliable setting for good food, drinks, and conversation right in the heart of Newcastle.