The Forth


Right in the heart of Newcastle, a short walk from Central Station, you’ll find The Forth. It’s a pub that has woven itself into the fabric of the city, appreciated for its authentic blend of British pub traditions and an unmistakably modern edge.

The Forth is stylish, but not showy. Its interior is a comfortable mix of contemporary and classic features, from exposed brickwork to statement chandeliers and warming open fires. This pub is no gallery, but local artwork brings a distinctive touch to the walls, and there’s even a hidden treat – an inviting roof terrace tucked away upstairs. Not a common sight for city pubs, this courtyard adds a surprising extra layer to the place, an ideal spot for unwinding.

It’s the lively atmosphere, though, that really seals the deal here. There’s a tangible spirit in The Forth that doesn’t just come from the music and events but also from the people who gather there, locals and visitors alike. It’s a venue with a personality, serving as a go-to spot for social eats and treats and fostering a warm, welcoming ambiance.

A visit to The Forth offers a complete sensory experience, particularly with its broad selection of drinks. Here, you’re not just getting a pint; you’re exploring the world of beers, ciders, and notably, craft beer, sourced from regional and countrywide breweries. Whether you’re partial to a classic ale, a refined cocktail, or looking for low-to-no alcohol options, The Forth caters to all tastes.

The food here also makes a lasting impression. While the specific dishes may vary, past patrons have enjoyed delights such as the Bali burger. There’s something satisfyingly hearty about the food here, with sides like triple-cooked fries and spicy jerk slaw adding that extra touch.

Beyond just being a pub, The Forth is known for its thoughtful service, particularly highlighted by its dog-friendly approach. Offering a dedicated dog station equipped with dog blankets, treats, and a bowl, they ensure that your canine companions also have a memorable visit.

All these factors together make The Forth a highly recommended spot in Newcastle. So if you find yourself around the Central Station with some time to spare, The Forth awaits – not as a flashy beacon, but as a well-loved, cosy corner, offering a slice of modern British pub culture in the heart of the city.