The Mile Castle


With a history rooted in Roman times and a lively modern vibe, The Mile Castle on Grainger Street is a well-established pub in the heart of Newcastle. Housed in the city’s former Savings Bank, this three-story establishment pays homage to its name’s origins from a Roman Mile Castle that once stood nearby.

As one of Newcastle’s larger venues, The Mile Castle offers plenty of space for patrons to settle in comfortably. Each floor has its own bar and seating area, accommodating a diverse crowd from students and football fans to locals and tourists.

Operating daily from 8am until 11pm, the pub delivers a broad menu with a host of options to choose from. Throughout the week, themed food clubs serve popular dishes like steak on Tuesdays and roasts on Sundays.

The pub doubles as a platform for knowledge enthusiasts with its Monday night Interactive Quiz. It takes place on the top floor and offers a chance to win cash prizes and more. The weekend atmosphere leans towards a more vibrant feel, thanks to resident DJs spinning everything from current hits to timeless classics.

Strategically located near the central station, The Mile Castle serves as an excellent stop for cheap drinks during a day drinking session. Public transport is easily accessible, with bus stops just outside and rail and Metro stations within walking distance.

Though The Mile Castle has the feel of a typical Wetherspoons pub, the appreciation of its regulars speaks volumes about its appeal. Customer reviews highlight the polite and efficient staff, the appealing quality-to-price ratio of food and drinks, and the pub’s overall welcoming ambiance.

Despite its size, the Mile Castle offers a cosy dining experience with a dedicated booth area on the second floor, making it a fitting venue for larger groups or parties.

So, whether you’re planning to grab a pint after work, enjoy a meal before catching the train, or looking to host a group event, The Mile Castle, a casual, unpretentious pub, presents itself as a viable option. It delivers good value for money, variety in food and drinks, and a lively environment, all housed within a piece of Newcastle’s historical architecture.