The Mushroom


Positioned on Grainger Street, The Mushroom is a popular nightlife spot that bustles with energy and good cheer. No matter when you visit, be it a weekday or weekend, you’ll find an effervescent atmosphere that’s ready to welcome you.

The moment you step down the well-known stairway into the bar, you’re embraced by a lively environment. It’s here, amidst the hum of conversations and laughter, that many find their evening refuge. The staff, reputed for their friendly banter, set the scene for an enjoyable time. They’re known for their warm hospitality, with an emphasis on making everyone feel at home.

When it comes to music, The Mushroom doesn’t miss a beat. DJs play here nightly, filling the space with an array of sounds that cater to various musical tastes. You might find yourself tapping along to the rhythm or even joining in on the spontaneous dance moments that occur. If you prefer a quieter evening, there are comfortable booths where you can sit back and enjoy the ambience.

The star feature of The Mushroom is its drinks menu. This establishment boasts the title of Newcastle’s premium trebles bar. The bartenders craft a wide range of drinks that cater to different palates, always making sure there’s something for everyone. Sharing a round of trebles with friends here won’t leave your wallet empty, a testament to the bar’s reasonable pricing.

Space is a luxury at The Mushroom Bar, and it’s something many visitors appreciate. The ample room around the bar reduces the wait time for your drinks significantly. Also noteworthy is the attentive service – plenty of staff are available to ensure waiting times are reduced to a minimum.

The Mushroom has been the backdrop for numerous memorable moments, including birthday celebrations and casual get-togethers. It’s the combination of the energetic atmosphere, accommodating staff, and great music that seems to resonate with its patrons.

Simply put, The Mushroom Bar is a key component of Newcastle’s nightlife scene. It’s a place where good drinks, vibrant music, and cheerful company converge.