The Alchemist


The Alchemist is a popular cocktail bar and restaurant known for its lively and dynamic spirit. The interior of the venue is designed in a gothic, coppery theme. Its layout is versatile and accommodating, with cosy corner booths for quiet get-togethers and brighter sections ideal for daytime visits. One of the highlights of The Alchemist is its central bar area. It offers a clear view of the bartenders at work, meticulously mixing their famous cocktails. Watching these experts at their craft is entertaining and adds a unique charm to the place.

The Alchemist is best known for its inventive cocktails. The bartenders are well-versed in the art of mixology, crafting each drink with care. The cocktail menu is extensive, with options ranging from light to dark beverages, catering to varied preferences. One of their signature drinks, ‘The Bubblebath’, is a mix of gin, Aperol, Chambord, lemon, apple, and a special ingredient that creates an interesting bubbly effect. ‘The Pipe Dream’ is another customer favourite, featuring a blend of whisky, rum, and Glenmorangie X, served in a uniquely shaped glass.

In addition to the drinks, The Alchemist also has a great food menu. Their dishes are inspired by different cuisines from around the world and come with a unique Alchemist touch. Starters like the crispy duck spring rolls and mains like the buttermilk chicken or the French-dip steak sandwich are sure to please your taste buds.

This popular venue also hosts DJ sets on weekends. On Fridays, the music starts from 7pm until midnight, and on Saturdays, the beats continue from 2pm till midnight. The music selection includes a mix of disco, soulful, deep, and classic house tunes, adding to the lively atmosphere.

The Alchemist’s unique and engaging setting, combined with its delicious food and drinks, make it a popular spot in the city. Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind after a long day or planning a fun night out, this bar certainly is a place worth considering.