The Quayside


The Quayside pub is a popular hotspot among locals and tourists venturing through Newcastle’s Quayside area. Named for its location next to the River Tyne, this venue has its roots in the 16th century when it was known as Dove’s Warehouse. Today, it stands as the last of its kind – a late 16th-century merchant’s house with a private wharf.

The building, shaped like a horseshoe, engulfs a cobbled courtyard and houses a lively bar with stone walls and exposed beams. These historical elements coexist with modern amenities, creating a distinct and welcoming ambience. When the weather is warm, the courtyard and a smaller paved patio near the river become popular hangouts. From here, patrons can enjoy spectacular views of the Tyne Bridge.

The Quayside pub maintains a well-stocked bar, offering six different ales from hand-pulls and a selection of beers. For cider lovers, the venue doesn’t disappoint and as you can expect from any Wetherspoon’s establishment, you will also find an extensive selection of spirits to choose from. As day turns to night, the pub transforms into a bustling hub of activity. Hens and stags, tourists and locals all gather to soak in the vibrant atmosphere.

And if you’re looking for food, the pub presents the typical JD Wetherspoon menu – decent pub grub at an affordable price.

The Quayside’s charm lies not only in its historical significance but also in its location. Just next the Swing Bridge, it’s an accessible and attractive spot for tourists and locals alike.

So, whether you’re seeking a leisurely breakfast with a view, a sun-soaked afternoon drink, or a lively evening out, The Quayside pub ticks all the boxes.