Tiger Hornsby


Holding a spot on Newcastle’s iconic Quayside, Tiger Hornsby is a friendly and inviting cocktail bar that revives the spirit of the city’s legendary 70s bar scene. It’s a popular bar, known for its award-winning cocktails, friendly service and live music

A standout aspect of Tiger Hornsby is its dedication to crafting drinks. The menu, filled with both creative and traditional cocktails, changes with the seasons, providing a new experience every time you step through the door. The bar staff, including skilled mixologists, hold brainstorming sessions, where they work through a plethora of cocktail tasting trials to bring innovative additions to the menu. If there’s a specific cocktail you’re craving, let the mixologists know – they’re more than willing to go off-menu to meet your request.

But Tiger Hornsby isn’t just about cocktails. The bar provides a substantial selection of spirits, wines, champagnes, along with a variety of regional and international beers and ciders.

Stepping into bar, you’re greeted by a warm and cosy ambiance. The interior is adorned with scented candles, creating a pleasant aroma that lures people in. According to many online reviews, the staff at Tiger Hornsby are friendly, efficient, and attentive, making every visitor feel welcome. The music from live performances fills the air without overpowering conversations, providing a perfect balance that enhances the overall atmosphere.

For those seeking to host an event, Tiger Hornsby presents itself as an ideal venue. From intimate gatherings to larger corporate events, the venue is well-equipped to accommodate groups from as small as 2 to as large as 200.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a quiet drink, a fun night out on the town or planning a grand celebration, Tiger Hornsby definitely has you covered. With its impressive cocktail selection, friendly service, and lively atmosphere, it’s a bar that ensures a memorable visit.