Quilted Camel


Located on Newcastle’s iconic Quayside, you’ll find The Quilted Camel, a unique bar that’s been attracting locals and visitors alike since 1995. Encased in a Grade 2 listed building, the venue is best known for its 70s-inspired theme and vibrant party environment. It’s open every weekend, Friday and Saturday, offering patrons a chance to experience some memorable nights in Newcastle.

Upon walking into The Quilted Camel, the retro-chic decor stands out, immediately transporting you to another era. The 70s-inspired design elements contribute to a fun and laid-back atmosphere, creating a unique setting for an evening out. There’s a little nod to ‘Narnia’ here and there, with the occasional introduction of the Lion and the Witch, which, while not for everyone, adds an unexpected and engaging element to the mix.

As the night progresses, The Quilted Camel stays true to its promise of a good time, with an infectious energy that fills the room, urging you to dance and laugh. The mix of upbeat tunes resonates with the lively crowd, ensuring that the bar retains its high-energy atmosphere late into the night. If you’re looking for a weekend spot to let loose, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place in Newcastle that does it better.

But the charm of The Quilted Camel doesn’t end with its lively parties. The bar also hosts cocktail-making classes, which have garnered quite a bit of attention and praise. Patrons enjoy the opportunity to learn from skilled bartenders how to make their favourite cocktails. The sessions are as entertaining as they are informative, making them an interesting group activity option

In essence, The Quilted Camel offers a great mix of fun and nostalgia in a friendly and energetic environment. With its lively weekend parties, enjoyable cocktail classes, and tastefully quirky decor, it’s a great place to visit for those looking for a fun night out.